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Welcome to SpineKids

SpineKids is a support and information website for children and adolescents with spinal conditions and their families

Dr. Karen Myung


Insights and perspectives from a top pediatric spine surgeon

Education and Support

 Optimizing Outcomes

Support Groups

Curvy Girls is an international scoliosis peer support group for girls. 

Scoliosis Support Network

Sharing support and encouragement between families of those affected by scoliosis.


Safety in Spine Surgery

Safety in Spine Surgery Project (S3P) is an multidisciplinary initiative founded in 2016 which works with providers, patients, and payers to reduce complications and negative outcomes from spine surgery.

SpineKids Foundation

Coming Soon!


National Scoliosis Foundation

The National Scoliosis Foundation is a patient-led organization providing information and support for patients with scoliosis and their families.

Setting Scoliosis Straight

Setting Scoliosis Straight is a nonprofit foundation involved in research, education and community engagement.

Back to Healing

Back to Healing is a nonprofit founded in 2016 with "the mission to improve the quality of life of individuals affected by scoliosis through mental health, empowerment, awareness and education."

Keegan Cares

Keegan Cares helps to connect scoliosis patients with therapy dogs.

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